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Thursday, September 01, 2005

From the Sun-Sentinel:

Wellington ยท Silvia Leal is fed up with drivers speeding through her Sugar Pond Manor neighborhood. For four years, she and her neighbors have been prodding the village to install speed bumps.

Sal Chahin has argued for speed bumps for his Fairway Cove neighborhood, where traffic studies show drivers traveling the narrow road at twice the posted 15-mph speed limit.

They and other residents have become increasingly vocal about putting a brake on drivers speeding through the village, especially now as village leaders consider spending $454,250 to slow traffic in another neighborhood. They want traffic-calming devices like speed bumps, but some residents have called for the village to lower speed limits throughout the village and step up enforcement....

Residents who live along Paddock Drive took their complaints about speeders to the Village Council in July after the engineering department exhausted such inexpensive methods as installing rumble strips to slow traffic.

After council members demanded more be done, the engineering department said it could spend up to $454,250 on two roundabouts, two raised intersections, landscaping and a median along the nearly two-mile road.

That prompted Leal to renew her efforts to get traffic-calming devices in her neighborhood west of Greenview Shores Boulevard on Wellington Trace....

Village roads have to meet certain criteria to get speed humps. Traffic studies have to show most drivers on the road are going at least 5 mph over the speed limit. From 500 to 2,500 vehicles a day have to drive on the road. And two-thirds of residents living within the area of the proposed speed hump must support installing it.

Fairway Cove residents requested speed humps on Bedford Mews Drive last year. But after two traffic studies, the engineering department determined the road wasn't eligible for speed humps, even though most vehicles were going 28 to 30 mph in a 15-mph speed zone and the dead-end road had a daily traffic count of 629 vehicles.

Although that meets village criteria, officials think the posted speed limit on Bedford Mews should be 30 mph and not 15 mph, Chahin said....

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