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Sunday, October 30, 2005

From The Sentinel:

Some residents were left dissatisfied Thursday night after Monroe Township Supervisors approved the conditional use application for a proposed 164-home cluster development called Trindle Station, Phase II....

Supervisors made some changes to try to appease the residents’ concerns about the extension of Monroe Street, a block-and-a-half long dead-end street in the Wertz development. But residents on that street want it to remain as it is, where their children can play and senior citizens can go on walks.

They say if their street is opened up, traffic from the proposed development would come through Monroe Street in order to take other side roads in the Wertz development out to Trindle Road....

As part of the conditions, Supervisor Bill Castle wanted the insertion of “Street A” into the plan, a street, that he says would direct traffic from phase 6, away from Monroe Street and the Wertz development. Traffic on “Street A” would lead down to Sinclair Road, which leads up to Trindle Road.

“I feel for the residents,” Castle said, but he said the Monroe Street extension is needed for public safety.

“What if you say no (to the extension) and there’s a major disaster?” he asked. He said the access is needed for emergency vehicles and school buses.

Supervisor Kevin Miller said a “traffic calming device” should also be a required conditions so drivers know “they’re entering a different zone on Monroe Street.”

Township engineer Mark Breuning said such the device could be an “island or a platform.”

Both of these requirements were approved among the 22 conditional uses supervisors approved.

Oh yeah, that's really gonna help emergency services.

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